Kids & Gadgets: Development or or Disaster? - Freemake

Kids & Gadgets: Development or or Disaster? - Freemake

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Do you know that 1 out of 3 U.S. kids can use a mobile phone or tablet before they talk? In 2013 Dailymail reported that 29% of children use tech gadgets as toddlers and 70% master them completely by primary school age. Surprising? Indeed. It looks amazing that a 2-year old knows how to use a cellphone […]
25 Nov 2016 - General
Habiba Twakkol Thank you for sharing experience about your niece's attachment with gadgets. Gadgets really prevent socialization for kids. How did your sister do it? Did she taper the time allocated for gadget use or was it abrupt? If you take them in a family gathering and give them a gadget, they would much prefer isolation from the whole event by sitting in a corner and watching cartoons. Moreover, kids wi...
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Marinelle Castro Thank you for sharing your insights and techniques. You are right. Our child could have developed some attachment with the gadget and it would be difficult to suddenly withdraw this attachment. Well, adults have even greater attachment with their smartphones and tables. Stepping down to old school toys is one technique that we have tried. It lessens the time spent with gadgets but our kid eventua...
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Mark Edmon Tan thank you for sharing this article to be discussed, my sister experienced the same situation with her little girl, who spend her time watching kids videos on ipad and also don't want to play with her toys or even eat or sleep well.
She was late in developing as a kid and she experienced a sociality problem like she cries when family members try to play or talk to her.
My sister started ...
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Mark Edmon Tan I understand what you mean, and it is really difficult to pacify children whenever they throw tantrums. Sometimes I even see this in public places, wherein children display incessant crying until they get their gadgets. For me, might be a form of separation anxiety, which is commonly seen among children. Most psychiatrists would recommend behavioral modification strategies in the form of operant c...
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It amazes me how my 2 year old daughter can work her way around an ipad, even select shows she wants to watch on you tube. But it also saddens me that she spends too much time watching instead of playing with her toys. My wife and I have exhausted all means to keep her from watching youtube at night but she throws the biggest tantrums and wreaks havoc around the house until she gets what she wants. Trust me, disciplining a child is easier said than done. We have read through a lot of articles li...
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