PH: Pregnant teen brings total number of Zika cases to 33

PH: Pregnant teen brings total number of Zika cases to 33

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The Department of Health has confirmed a pregnant teenage girl in National Capital Region, currently in her 8th month of pregnancy,has been infected with the Zika virus.
25 Nov 2016 - General
Dengue virus, malaria, and zika virus are all arthropod-borne illnesses that affect the Philippines. It is really hard to combat the breeding grounds of mosquitoes especially during rainy season where stagnant dirty water provide the nidus for larvae breeding. Local community members and government officials alike have to be vigilant in maintaining the surroundings clean. The status of our country as being endemic with mosquito-borne diseases reflect our inability to maintain cleanliness all yea...
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What a shocking news! First would be that the victim was already ranked as the second in the Philippines among the infected mothers of Zika virus. Second, 16 year old teenage mother! We know that Zika virus has been removed from the list of most closed monitored condition. The 4's should really be implemented not only into the affected areas but also all throughout the world. Zika virus is just one of the family of mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus. It is manifested by fever, joint pains,...
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