Should doctors learn programming?

Should doctors learn programming?

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Computer programming seems complicated and completely unrelated to healthcare professionals. However, there are many benefits for those who learn how to code.
25 Nov 2016 - General
Madhubabu kaaja it is a great article to encourage healthcare professionals to start learning programming, taking this step is not easy at all for non experienced ones but the first step in everything always hard but after a while it will be easier and easier.
I'm sure the consequences of learning programming will be great, work will be more organized and large quantities of informations will transfer from...
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The latest technology in every aspect of life has developed a need for learning of computer programs for all type of health care professionals. For healthcare professionals, it seems difficult to learn computer software programs because these are unrelated to their career. Nowadays the future of healthcare professionals is heading toward computerized systems and digitalization. Therefore there is a need of a different computer and online skills for health care providers to boost the career. In m...
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Coding is a whole different subject from the anatomy of the body. Doctors studied that for years and i believed that computer technologist studied that for years too. I guess that would be hard to study without an educator and materials that is needed in the learning process. Though it is a plus which enables you to troubleshoot if their is a problem and it enhance skills to career. However, from what i know there is a computer technologist hired by each institution. So, i guess it is already ok...
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I think doctors should be knowledgeable of basic computer skills. That is of the utmost priority since the shift to digitalization of medical records is inevitable. Coding is a skill that Shunjie Chua takes a lot of time and practice to learn. It is not easy and those who are really passionate about it can pursue this avenue. The topic is about doctors who have difficulty in troubleshooting technical problems. ...
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