Smoking, obesity, CHD tied to increased risk of psychological distress

Smoking, obesity, CHD tied to increased risk of psychological distress

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Coronary heart disease (CHD), smoking and obesity may contribute to the risk of developing long-lasting psychological distress from middle to old age, a recent study suggests.
26 Nov 2016 - General
In our country, almost everyone is aware that smoking, obesity, high cholesterol and poor lifestyle habits are risk factors for the development of a heart ailment. Individuals who are persistent on living an unhealthy lifestyle despite knowing these things are most likely to suffer from psychological distress. For one, some people engage in such poor lifestyle habits because they cannot afford to take care of their health. The combination of poor working conditions, low socioeconomic status and ...
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Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing your post about the link between lifestyle-related diseases and smoking to psychological distress. There is another post that links psychologic conditions with gut and skin problems. This could be a case of cause and effect to psychological stressors. Psychological distress is often not detected early since people usually keep this to themselves and try to cope on their...
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People who have coronary heart disease CHF, obese and smokers are highly at risk to develop long lasting psychological distress. Not only psychological distress, along with these risk factors there's a lot of diseases and condition they are highly at risk for. It is a must that diet and exercise should always be in our regimen to be fit and stay on the right track. Smoking may cause vasoconstriction and can increase blood pressure. Moreover, men are prone to have lung cancer and even women t...
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