Should research efforts be dedicated to debunking pseudoscience such as TCM?

Should research efforts be dedicated to debunking pseudoscience such as TCM?

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A massive disagreement that has erupted between two prominent academics, has put the spotlight on the ethics of investing research into bunk science such as the efficacy of homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.
26 Nov 2016 - General
I think that such practices should undergo clinical trials if they get to an extreme degree, especially if issues arise or if they are extremely being promoted, causing potential harm to the public. Having scientific evidence from a well-controlled study would set the record straight about whether such treatments are effective or just a waste of money for the public. Having scientific evidence would also offer a basis for recommendations by health authorities to avoid such practices, since as th...
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Mark Edmon Tan In my view, traditional medicines helpful for well being rather than disease management and critical illness treatment. Many of traditional medicines are written by ancestors as per their belief, knowledge and observations and same results may are may not prove their efficacy. Researching on traditional medicine is costlier also as the research is not well established till date and major system of ...
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I personally feel that we should invest on researches that will propel medicine forward and not waste resources on debunking alternative/ traditional Chinese medicine. It is beneath us to deprive patients of possible advances in treatment simply because we opted to pursue "exposing" alternative medicine options. I remember that this happened with acupuncture. A lot were saying that this was ineffective and causing excessive discomfort. Some said that it was only a gimmick for profiteer...
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