Kidney transplantation for a second lease on life Part 2

Kidney transplantation for a second lease on life Part 2

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Those who can best attest to how kidney transplantation enables a new lease on life for someone diagnosed with chronic renal failure are the ones who continue to enjoy theirs many, many years after undergoing the procedure.
26 Nov 2016 - General
Based on what I have read from an article of Nebraska Medicine, there are certain criteria that must be met in order to be a candidate for kidney transplantation. Among which are the following:
1. Patients must have chronic irreversible kidney disease that has not responded to other medical or surgical treatments. They also are on dialysis or may require dialysis in the near future.
2. Patients must qualify for and be able to tolerate major surgery.
3. Patients and their family membe...
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I can just imagine how hard it is for her to be diagnosed with end stage renal disease. Unfortunately, until today, nothing much has change for the treatment options for chronic kidney disease. stage V. Its either you live through dialysis 3x a week, undergo kidney transplantation, or die from the complications of the disease, or from the complication of dialysis. As I've said in my previous posts, I always have a soft spot for patients with chronic kidney disease due to personal reasons. I ...
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What an inspiring story to those with kidney problems most especially those being diagnosed with end stage renal disease. Having a kidney transplant isn't an easy choice at all. You have to find a compatible donor because organ rejection is one of the challenges having this transplant. Your resources will really be eaten up just to support your needs on or before the operation and during the operation itself. Medications, treatments and other drugs is needed just to keep your normal body fun...
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