Excessive gestational weight gain in mothers may be tied to adverse neonatal effects

Excessive gestational weight gain in mothers may be tied to adverse neonatal effects

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Infants born to mothers with mild gestational diabetes mellitus and excessive gestational weight are highly likely to have greater birth weight and neonatal adiposity, a recent study finds.
26 Nov 2016 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing this topic and it hits home on one of the most common Filipino myths - that a big baby is a healthy baby. Babies that are large for gestational age pose the same risk for illnesses as those who are small for gestational age. Gestational diabetes is a risk factor for delivering large for gestational age babies with increased neonatal adiposity; hence, pregnant women shou...
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There are consequences of gestational weight gain for the mothers. Women whose weight gain during pregnancy is outside the recommended ranges may experience various adverse maternal outcomes, which may include increased risk for pregnancy-associated hypertension, gestational diabetes (GDM), complications during labor and delivery, and postpartum weight retention and subsequent maternal obesity as well as an increased risk for unsuccessful breastfeeding.
However, in this article it suggests...
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We all know that infants who were born from mothers with gestational diabetes are called macrosomic babies. The weight of mothers greatly affects their babies as well. There is an increase in production of insulin as well as an increasing secretion of minerals, amino acids and other more which increases the infants adiposity. I find babies born from mothers with GDM really cute enough to cuddle. But of course we can still prevent being over weight if expecting mothers have proper exercise and mo...
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