Case DIscussion 261116 - Is screening for nutritional status for hospital in-patient important ??

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26 Nov 2016 - General

An elderly lady, staying alone, with background of previous stroke, ischaemic heart disease, parkinson disease, hypertension, and ex-smoker, was admitted to hospital due to non-resolving community acquired pneuomania. She had productiove cough, and shortness of breath around 2 weeks ago, was given 1 course of oral antibiotic by he GP, but she was not improving. She was treated with intravenous tazocin. On admission, her weight was only around 35 kg, with the body mass index (BMI) of around 16.5. On further questioning,her appetite was reduced since she was sick, with very minimal intake for the last 2 weeks, with possibility of some weight loss.  Will you be concern about her nutritional status ?? How would you screen for her nutritional status ?? Is it important for any medical intervention with regards to her nutritional status ??

You Yi Hong This is an interesting discussion since it focuses on nutrition. You have selected a great topic. First, the BMI is usually unreliable unless it is adjusted to the Asia-Pacific BMI scale. Second, we have to get the patient's height to determine the desirable body weight. We can either use the Tannhauser's method by using the following formula: height in cm - 100 = difference; then difference -...
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