The importance of a Clinical Information System (CIS) for your clinic

The importance of a Clinical Information System (CIS) for your clinic

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Information technology has led to the design of Clinical Information Systems, which ease healthcare administration and management, and can help the healthcare industry shift its primary focus back to provision of quality care.
27 Nov 2016 - General
Tahira Nawaz thank you for sharing this article to be discussed, what is better than organizing your work and make everything supervised?
This article mentioned many benefits of CIS and i think any business owner will wish to have such a program to organize his work.
Organized work for sure will have a positive impact on the results and out come.
In healthcare facilities, doctors can depend on this pr...
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In our institution, we have a clinical information system for the outpatient department of resident trainees. Different subspecialties are incorporated in this platform that allows us to review clinical notes of other doctors on our patients. This type of common database allows all medical professionals to collaborate for coordinated care. I think that coordinated care is beneficial especially for patients who are suffering from multiple comorbidities. Also, this type of platform helps in ensuri...
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Tahira Nawaz, the shift towards digital record keeping is inevitable in the field of medicine. This great post of yours remind all of us that using technology to our advantage makes things more organized and clutter free. I agree with the need to use clinical information system especially for hospitals to preserve old records, remind of planned preventive maintenance, monitor drug supplies, detect abnormal activ...
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Clinical Information System (CIS), a computer-based platform that allows healthcare providers and administrators collect, store, manage and retrieve clinical information and patient data. The expansion of information and communications technology (ICT) into the world of science and medicine has resulted in various innovations that have improved the medical field, not just in diagnoses and treatment, but also in communication and informatics management. While the medical field is quickly advancin...
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