Suicide prevention programmes must be intensified - PH lawmaker

Suicide prevention programmes must be intensified - PH lawmaker

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Alarmed over reports that more children as young as 10 are committing suicide in the Philippines due to depression, a lawmaker wants more intensive programmes and research on mental health to prevent the youth from taking their own lives.
27 Nov 2016 - General
Oh my, I personally had no idea of the alarming rate of suicide in children aged below 10 years old. This makes me sad. but I am glad that people are finally taking mental health seriously. I know we are a long way from effectively addressing the problem, but these small steps is good. I voted for Risa Hontiveros because she had mental health on her platform. I wasn't closely looking into Joel Villanueva's platform, but I know he's a Christian. I am glad he is making this part of his...
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This is something refreshing for our daily news. I thought that all senators and congressmen were engrossed with their daily soap opera starring the senator in question. Honestly, I've been waiting for just one senator to even just think of some bill that aims to improve the country. It is no surprise that this promising young senator was the first to move the needle so to speak. The youth is one of the neglected sectors in the Philippines. They get outdated textbooks, poor student-to-teache...
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Its good the our lawmakers are currently thinking of ways to address future problems that the country might suffer. Its true that suicide rates in the Philippines is most likely lower than other countries. However, if there is an increasing trend, it is better to take an advanced action to prevent further increases in trend. I did not realize that there are only few psychiatrists in the country. Perhaps this specialty is also unpopular because like what Senator Villanueva emphasized, there is an...
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Wow! I've never known that suicidal rate among children less than 10 years of age has this been alarming. The article should have placed some information that among the percentage, how many are within their families supervision or may most of them are left neglected or being abandoned. Abandonment can greatly affect a childs depression state that may further result to suicide. No constant attention and guidance has not been given to them. Due to todays poverty, strat individuals are greatly ...
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