4 awesome tools for creating your medical-themed whiteboard animation

4 awesome tools for creating your medical-themed whiteboard animation

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Digital technology has revolutionized the ways in which information is presented. Today, information can be delivered in a much more appealing and dynamic manner. Healthcare professionals can take advantage of this technology to educate not only medical students, but also the public in a more engaging way.
27 Nov 2016 - General
Very informative article. I guess I should change my seemingly "old school" ways of explaining things by drawing. Somehow I find it convenient to explain craniotomies and neurosurgical procedures through drawing them on a real white board during family meetings. I guess its time to engage in a digital project by creating standard presentations on common clinical conditions that I encounter in practice. For spine procedures, I actually have this application that demonstrates how laminec...
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Thank you for giving us a much needed update on technology, Madhubabu kaaja . Whiteboard animation is the newest hip way to present lectures, conferences, and medical discussions in a dynamic manner. The younger colleagues will definitely love it and surely be masters of presentation. The best thing about advances in technology is that we now have more visual aids than ever. If one does not understand a special te...
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