The countries with some of the healthiest diets in the world

The countries with some of the healthiest diets in the world

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As global rates of Type 2 diabetes rise, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has chosen to shine the spotlight on the disease this World Health Day.  Some 422 millions people are currently living with diabetes, according to WHO.
27 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro I agree that we can incorporate some of Korean dietary practices to improve our diet habits. One of which that stands out is that they serve fruits for dessert and nothing else. Koreans also consume a lot of greens as you mentioned. I think they lost out when it comes to preparation of meat. Their choices are either to grill the meat or make a stew. I have to say that their stews are really rich ...
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Just to add to the cultural food items that were mentioned in the article, I also think that the Koreans have a healthy selection of food. For one, it is customary for them to consume a lot of vegetable side dish. Kimchi, sauteed vegetables, raw lettuce and leafy vegetables are staple food for them. These are regularly served as side dishes, which constitutes 50% of their diet. However, this may be counterbalanced when they consume a lot of processed meat and alcohol, which are also commonly inc...
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These countries are very inspiring because they were able to preserve their eating habits despite the fastfood revolution. The Japanese have long been popular for setting the benchmark of a healthy diet. Their diet has proved time and again that white rice consumption is not bad for the health if paired with vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and fish rich in omega 3. West Africans are now battling the Japense for the crown of healthiest diet with their high-fiber, low processed food, and low meat i...
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