Six Sneaky Causes of High Blood Pressure

Six Sneaky Causes of High Blood Pressure

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Could you be at risk and not even know it?
27 Nov 2016 - General
It is a good article that has labeled six main causes of hypertension and as we all know the causes of hypertension vary from person to person. In my views, medications and stressing out are the main reasons of hypertension in our country. Herbal sup...
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Thank you for sharing your opinion on this topic Madhubabu kaaja . People who are living under stressful conditions are more likely to suffer from hypertension because of anxiety, physiolo...
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Out of all six major causes, I found common causes as stress and Alcoholism out of all. Many of the patients I observed the cases with cause of stress and hereditary. But many cases increasing with other medications and many people dont know also. Th...
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I was very surprised to read that consumption of high-fructose food products and drinks can cause hypertension. I am not yet sure if the mechanism is similar to vascular changes that is seen among diabetics. I am inclined to think that this may be co...
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