DepEd: Go for brown rice for health, PH farmers

DepEd: Go for brown rice for health, PH farmers

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For the rest of the month, expect brown rice to be an added offering on the menu of school canteens.
28 Nov 2016 - General
Wow, I personally prefer brown rice too! I love its texture, plus the fact that it contains protein makes it more filling and more healthy than white rice. I think these characteristics make it more appealing, especially to health enthusiasts. I initially though that a hindrance to promoting brown rice would be the more expensive price, but upon reading the article, it is a good thing that it can be offered at up to half of the commercial price when bought from farmers’ cooperatives. Its great t...
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This is a good move by the new secretary of the education department. Brown rice has a lot of benefits compared to white rice. The only known limiting factor to its consumption is its poor palatability because a lot of people find its taste too bland compared to white rice. Personally, I like the brown rice, or even black rice from Mountainous regions of the Philippines like the Cordilleras. Aside from the perceived health benefits, I specifically like them for their taste and texture. I hope th...
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