Malaysia's first Shariah-compliant hospital to be built in Penang

Malaysia's first Shariah-compliant hospital to be built in Penang

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The first-ever Shariah-compliant hospital is to be built in Penang, with a focus on paediatrics, gynaecology, endoscopy and cardiology.
28 Nov 2016 - General
Shariah-compliant hospital is a great facility for Muslim community who strictly obey Islamic rules and regulations in their lives. I am happy to see that it will be first ever Shariah-compliant hospital in Penang. The establishment of this hospital is a joint effort of Penang Islamic Foundation and Penang Islamic Religious Council and this hospital will follow the Islamic concept of waqf. It will be a huge hospital with 14 storeys and will focus on a good range of medical facilities and service...
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The first glimpse on the title gives the unease feeling the word “Shariah” gained over international media. I am a Muslim myself and don’t see a need to introduce the concept of Shariah compliant hospital!! However, after reading further in the article, I found that it is focusing on the concept of “Waqf”. Waqf hospitals are mainly charity primarily non profit organizations, quite very similar to Presbyterian christian hospitals. There are already many church related hospitals in Malaysia. Regar...
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