How fake medical news will be the next pandemic if we don't stop it now

How fake medical news will be the next pandemic if we don't stop it now

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Sensational headlines are common as click baits. For medical news, it is especially dangerous as misleading headlines can lead to the propagation of falsehoods and misrepresentations. But why are we drawn to such news?
28 Nov 2016 - General
Oh with more and more people being able to setup a website, quite easily, the publishing of "fake news" is so simple. It is still a big problem here in the Philippines and we have people fighting with each other, because as the article said, "you are what you click". Unfortunately, it seems like people are unable to differentiate real from fake news. I know of these colorful "headlines" and they are definitely misleading. Some people are quite lazy to open the artic...
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We are now in the digital era and accessibility to information is as fast as the ray of light. In line with this, the spread of false information is also unstoppable. I don't know what are the reasons why some people keep on doing this and what could they benefit from it. We can never blame the crowd if they doubt any information seen in social media or any kind of platform. Before trying to believe what you see and read, make sure first if the website itself is reliable enough and too good ...
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I agree that social media occupies a major role in perpetuation of false news or data. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not even bother to check if what they are posting on their walls are hoaxes. This problem is not only limited to medical news, but to all forms of news and information in general. This is also one of the reasons why, doctors and all healthcare professionals should take extra care in posting medical news because we are most of the time recognized as people who are credible, and...
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