Math? That's Why I Became A Doctor!!!

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28 Nov 2016 - General

"I'm not good in Math. That's why I became a doctor."

I wasn't exactly bad in Math, but I was just good until Trigonometry. When I was in London and doing Statistics, Mechanics and Calculus--I wanted to kill myself. I don't even know why I chose MATHS for my A-LEVELS because I don't need it in Dentistry. 

"I'm not good in Math. That's why I became a doctor". 

This is a very common phrase. I here it a lot with friends and colloeagues. When something needs to be solved mentally, we all try to solve it and then laugh --- "I hate Math. I became a dentist because I didn't want to trouble myself with Math." And that becomes a common excuse for wrong mental computations, that ought to be quite easy most of the time. 

Is this the same for you or is this limited to dentists? HAHAHA!

I studied in a Chinese school where math was the signature subject. We had math subjects in both English and Chinese language. In case anyone is wondering, we have math problems written in Chinese too and we need to solve the problems and answer them in Chinese. I think that I am a bit sharp in math as we were trained to solve equations "mentally". I also volunteered my summers in helping out parents in our store and I would give change by finding the difference between the payment and...
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Hahaha! Good to know it's not just me or not just dentists. But really, I like Math. I wasn't exactly bad at it, but it's just so hard to apply and I think Marinelle Castro is right--we're too fast paced for Math. Some equations and figures have to be stared at for so long, we almost have to solve problems in an instant. I really don't know why I took Math in A-Levels, I could've taken a c...
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Maria Cristina Inserto Haha this statement is very much relatable for doctors. A lot of colleagues always say that whenever they have to calculate. Unfortunately, even in medicine, we cannot escape the calculations that we hate. I don't hate math and when I was in my student years, I really liked it. However, these days, my interests differ and I am no longer fond of doing calculations. Having all sorts of ap...
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I am a pharmaceutical research scientist, I too poor in maths upto my Secondary school but I have chosen Maths based course in intermediate , l got only 42% in secondary school and I improved to 75% in intermediate. I am not getting that I am falling into your category or not. Actually in India, doctors are background to biological sciences and maths not covered in their subject same to Engineers are background of maths who lacking of biological sciences. So, I want to conclude it is common t...
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