6 Signs That You Are Officially Burned Out

6 Signs That You Are Officially Burned Out

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This is when it's time to chillax.
29 Nov 2016 - General
Haha you're being a meanie. I think when I'm on the verge of becoming truly burn out I become a meanie, but when I've become truly exhausted--I just lose all the energy to even care. When you're tired, you're irritable. I find that true for myself. I get eye twitches sometimes, but I don't know if it's during times I'm overstretched, but I'll take note of this now. The eyebags and dark circles under my eyes, I think are permanent features of my face, or they g...
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I agree it is not easy for healthcare professionals to detect themselves being burnt out. The nature of health field itself with its workload, competitiveness and daily stress make it more frequent to go through burnout. The fifth point in the article describes me well. I find myself burned out when I can’t fall sleep as easy as I used to be and when I fall asleep, it is not deep and relaxing sleep as it should be. Also, being unable to concentrate thinking on particular issue easily is an indi...
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Professionals who work in the healthcare industry are very prone to feeling burned out. However, there are a lot of times that we are too busy or too preoccupied with other things to recognize that we are already burned out. This article offers a simple discussion on signs of burn out, which I think are accurate. Personally, I know that I am already burned out when I lack the appetite even when faced with my favorite dishes. I usually have irregular sleeping patterns and for resident trainees li...
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