Womb transplants now shown to be possible in humans

Womb transplants now shown to be possible in humans

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Womb transplants, one of the newer trends in a field that has advanced many frontiers in recent years, have now been shown to be possible.
29 Nov 2016 - General
I have always been amazed at how transplant surgery can prolong life. This form of treatment adds a new function to transplant surgery, wherein this form of treatment may also assist in reproduction. I know that there have been a few case studies on this form of treatment and I hope that more women will benefit from such procedure. However, it would be nice if we can read the papers and see the protocol and complication rates. Transplant surgeries are sensitive because patients have to be on imm...
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Uterine transplants are now possible in women. It is definitely a boon for those women who cannot conceive due to uterine problems. Although there were other options before like surrogacy theses methods had their own drawbacks. Surrogacy involved lot of medical cliches. The other option was adoption but it too had its legal complexities. Now with the help of uterine transplants, women will now be able to go through and feel motherhood with the baby in their wombs. The uterine transplant may be e...
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This a pioneering case to be able to successfully transplant a uterus to those had to remove their uteri but still want to build a family. Uterus transplants have a well-earned reputation as a highly complex procedure. The operation was first attempted in Saudi Arabia in 2000, but the implanted organ had to be removed after three months. A woman in Turkey successfully became pregnant in 2011, but miscarried soon after. The success of uterus transplants could provide inspiration to some other eye...
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