Malaysia's MOH to investigate medical practitioners involved in baby-selling scheme

Malaysia's MOH to investigate medical practitioners involved in baby-selling scheme

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After a documentary exposing a baby-selling racket in Malaysia aired last week, the Health Minister has now instructed for action to be taken against the doctors and healthcare facilities highlighted in the programme.
29 Nov 2016 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Punishment to victims is required to minimise further reoccurrence of this incidents. I hope it is not because of one person may be higher officers also involved in this scam as you told. Recently arising these type of incidents in Asian countries as told btHT WEE . Please follow the below link an activity by a...
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Madhubabu kaaja what is really happening? Baby sellers are everywhere now, but I heard that they kidnap kids or babies , but first time to hear that certain doctors or healthcare facilities could be cooperated in such crimes.
Money is not everything thing , I couldn't believe that there are humans that sell their dignity and humanity just for money.
They didn't care about parents being deprived fro...
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This is just real bad. The parents are even aware of this selling too. I could not even begin typing my sentences in dismay with this news. How could the doctors even allow this to happen? How can they let someone bribe them into committing actions that are stark opposite of the Hippocratic oath they swore in? Shame on the government officials who condone the trafficking of babies too. This even came to a point where the selling of babies seemed borderline legal until this documentary was done. ...
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I was not aware of the video that was mentioned in the article. Selling babies is a form of human trafficking that is indeed horrible. There is no price to life, and this form of business trade should never be tolerated by any community or government. In the ancient times, human slaves are also "priced", but we already already living in the 21st century, wherein this practice should no longer be present. I hope that the Malaysian government will be able to uncover the truth behind this...
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