Scurvy cases reported in Australia reveal modern diet failings

Scurvy cases reported in Australia reveal modern diet failings

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Diabetic patients found to have symptoms of scurvy in Sydney reported they ate few vegetables, or overcooked them, destroying vitamin C
29 Nov 2016 - General
Mark Edmon Tan Scurvy is a disease associated with vitamin C which I have read in my Class 7 science text book in the chapter of vitamins. Never I heard about deficiency again. Yesterday an Australian doctor said that patients with poor wound healing observed good healing with vitamin C supplements. Australians not meeting WHOs requirement on vitamin C consumption. I request you all to educate patient and general...
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Scurvy has long been out of the discussion in the medical field. This article hits the main point of not getting vitamin C because of food preparation. Vitamin C is heat labile and cannot tolerate high degrees of temperature. The vitamin simply gets denatured and one does not get the health-boosting benefits or strengthening of collagen and connective tissues. This is especially true when using vitamin C as a remedy for colds. It has been a tradition for us to treat colds with a warm tea mixed w...
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