4 celebrities who were medical doctors

4 celebrities who were medical doctors

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Before they became successful celebrities in the entertainment industry, these people were doctors with a medical career.
29 Nov 2016 - General
Ken Jeong has to be one of the all-time success stories for Asians :)) He is actually practicing as a general practitioner and goes on shift at the emergency room. He says that the look that patients get when they see he is the doctor is priceless. I...
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Wow, I didint know that Michale Crichton and geroge Miller were doctors! Quite amazing! This just shows that no matter what your career is, even if it is far from what you really want, there is always a way to pursue your passions. Many health care p...
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When one pursues his true passion, it is said that his chances of achieving success increases. In today’s world, the mindset of ever changing lifestyles sets the right atmosphere for some people to switch their careers and pursue their true passions....
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