How to protect your patients’ medical data from visual hacking

How to protect your patients’ medical data from visual hacking

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Although rarely stated as a top concern among healthcare professionals, visual hacking is noted to be one of the most common violations of patient data.
29 Nov 2016 - General
Thank you for sharing this issue that can breach doctor-patient confidentiality Madhubabu kaaja . Visual hacking is unauthorised access to a confidential patient records that can be due to unintentional negligence. It is our duty not to leave patient records lying on top of our tables. Even digital files should be handled with utmost care. Sharing of patient information cannot be done via email by healthcare provi...
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Marinelle Castro thanking you for your comments on this topic. I am also not noticed in India. General public data is not useful for hackers in my view but clinical trial data may be hacked for money by outers or staff inside of hospital which is a big loss to researcers and sponsors. Electronic records are more chance to get a hack, access is restricted to limited people only. Any way we should also responsible ...
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Fortunately in our institution, this is not common. In fact I have never observed or encountered anybody who tried to visually hack patient information. I think one of the reasons why visual hacking is not common in our institution is because computers are strategically placed in nurse stations., where only nursing and medical professionals are allowed. Medical students are also allowed to view patient records but only in the presence of resident trainees. Also, these computers have an automated...
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