Optimal levels of BP, major risk factors keep lifetime stroke risk low

Optimal levels of BP, major risk factors keep lifetime stroke risk low

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Maintaining ideal levels of major risk factors, particularly blood pressure, will keep lifetime risk of stroke at a low in young- and middle-aged population, according to a China study. However, the risk elevates significantly even with a slight increase of major risk factors, which could not be identified using the 10-year risk estimation.
29 Nov 2016 - General
It is good that people are now talking about stroke prevention. Thank you for facilitating this discussion at the MIMS community, Tahira Nawaz . Stroke is a preventable disease and not a stroke of bad luck. Our specialty has changed the name from stroke around 20 years ago to cerebrovascular disease as to enlighten the public that it is a lifestyle disease. Atheromatous plaques also accumulate in the intracranial...
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Similar to China, stroke is also one of the leading causes of mortality in our country. Prevention of hypertension is definitely a good primary prevention strategy to prevent cumulative vascular damage that may ultimately lead to stroke. For those who already have hypertension, optimal treatment entails regular BP monitoring and titration of medications. One o the reasons why hypertension is difficult to treat because people who have it remain complacent. Majority of patients with hypertension a...
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