Holidays in the hospital

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29 Nov 2016 - General

I opened this topic because Christmas is near. I understand that not everybody celebrates Christmas so this topic is not limited such. As healthcare professionals, we spend holidays in the hospital. Traditionally, I spend both Christmas and New Years Eve in the hospital. Filipinos usually spend holidays with a lot of food! At Christmastime, we prepare food in the staff office, and we invite residents trainees from other services. We also invite nurses and other healthcare professionals to have dinner together. For New Year's, it has been tradition to watch fireworks together with other trainees, and 30 minutes before midnight, we gather in front of the emergency room to anticipate the fireworks. The camaraderie and festive environment in the hospital has made such holidays bearable for me. Please feel free to share your holiday experiences/ tradition in the hospital. 

Marinelle Castro These are the dreaded types of duties for everyone :)) Duties during Christmas and New Year holidays are one of the hardest sacrifices because it is time spent away from the family. The hospital, our second home, makes sure that we do not feel all that blue during the festivities. My experience is that everyone can be welcome in every department/service to share dinner as you have stated. Firewor...
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