Calorie labeling: Solution to obesity?

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29 Nov 2016 - General

Recently I read news that some states in the US mandated fast food calorie labeling. This program is expected to start May of next year. Although there have been conflicting studies on this new mandate, I remain very optimistic. Obesity is a global epidemic that is known to cause other medical problems. I hope that all nations with adapt this policy on calorie labeling. In fact, I also want to include other food products (not limited to fast food) so that consumers become more conscious and aware on their daily caloric intake. Do you think that this form of policy has the potential to address the worldwide problem on obesity?

Actually Mahmoud AbdelAziz I saw that there have been conflicting studies if having calorie labels are indeed beneficial in solving the problem on obesity. This is the reason why not all s...
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I agree that calorie labeling is a must for every restaurant, fastfood, diner, food truck, and other eating establishments. People deserve to be informed of what they will get from the meal they are having. Calorie counting is an effective way of red...
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In Malaysia, there are already plenty of products and restaurants apply this labeling. More than 50 categories of commonly used foods should show clear nutritional labels. Companies should declare the energy value, fat, carbohydrate and fat content o...
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