Survey: Thais have wrong idea about health checkups

Survey: Thais have wrong idea about health checkups

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Many Thais still have a misconception about the need for annual health check-ups, a survey has found.
30 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro this generation boys and girls prefers pubs, parties and parlours than Physician for annual health checkup. Health Education at childhood level can transmit health basics from parents to children and self awareness. Except employees and chronic disease patient of India more are not practicing annual check up even they knows the benefit of annual check up. What about annual health checkup in Phili...
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This is very true. People think that preventive medicine is expensive and unnecessary. The common thinking is that people only need to seek consult when they feel symptoms. This is wrong. The most cost-effective way to take care of one's health is through primary prevention. Primary prevention is preventing disease from occurring. Annual check-ups can detect immediately if one's metabolic panels are in disarray. A primary care physician can easily detect impaired fasting glucose, elevate...
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Unfortunately, a lot of people have misconceptions of healthcare maintenance check ups. In our country, a lot of people will say that they do not feel anything bothersome so they do not need a check up. Others also have financial concerns and they think that having a check up is just a waste of time and money. Unfortunately, a lot of people would rather visit beauty parlors and recreational places rather than to have a medical check up! This is the truth and I think that this stems from lack of ...
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