What will humans look like in 100 years?

What will humans look like in 100 years?

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We can evolve bacteria, plants and animals -- futurist Juan Enriquez asks: Is it ethical to evolve the human body? In a visionary talk that ranges from medieval prosthetics to present day neuroengineering and genetics, Enriquez sorts out the ethics associated with evolving humans and imagines the ways we'll have to transform our own bodies if we hope to explore and live in places other than Earth.
30 Nov 2016 - General
I have read in the Primer textbook of rheumatic diseases that shoulder and hip joint dysfunctions are common because these joints are not designed for shoulder movement and ambulation, respectively. The human body was designed to crawl in quadruped p...
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I remember initiating this conversation with my mentor over lunch. We also spoke about our future predictions on the evolution of the human body. My mentor expressed that he forsees future incorporation of robots and similar gadgets in the human bod...
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I once read an article in med school about changes in our body after 1000 years. Like tall and obese with ling span of life with bodies modified due to increase dependance on machines. This is a marvelous video where Enriquez gives a totally differen...
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