Modifiable risk factors for recurrent gestational diabetes mellitus

Modifiable risk factors for recurrent gestational diabetes mellitus

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Weight gain and inter-pregnancy interval are factors that can be modified to substantially reduce the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus recurrence, a study finds.
30 Nov 2016 - General
From medical school I remember that the only acceptable weight gain for mothers is 12.5 pounds. Gestational diabetes is actually a risk factor for the development of diabetes mellitus and mothers should be able to control their intake. I think one of the contributory factors in this problem is cultural aspects in terms of pampering mothers. In the Filipino culture, traditionally, husbands should be able to provide the cravings of their wife during pregnancy, no matter how unusual it is. I think ...
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Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing this article. Short interval between pregnancies is a risk factor for gestational diabetes mellitus. I wish the authors of the study gave a specific range on how short is considered as short interval. This further supports the stand by lawmakers to plan the family accordingly (although I am not a supporter of the RH bill). Couples should really consider not only the exp...
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Weight gain has a huge role during pregnancy and has a great contribution affecting the development of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Primi mothers and even multiparity mothers should be able to control their intake, must have a health diet plan accompanied by exercises. Brisk walking and squatting are just few of the exercises that could enhance endurance which could be helpful during delivery too. Developing a meal plan specifically during pregnancy could also help you maintain the desir...
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