Predatory bacteria: A new approach in the fight against superbugs

Predatory bacteria: A new approach in the fight against superbugs

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In the uphill fight against superbugs, UK researchers have shown that predatory bacteria may be a new vital weapon that can act like a "living antibiotic".
30 Nov 2016 - General
Mark Edmon Tan this predatory bacteria can be useful to treat drug resistant bacterial infections and is a new hope alternative for antibiotics of today generation. Tahira Nawaz it is a new weapon for resistant bacterias. From this findings researchers can able to find other predators, alternative semisynthetic and synthetic antib...
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It is a great invention by UK researchers and it seems it will be successful hopefully. They have used a new vital weapon against the superbugs that are developed through antibiotic resistance. This new weapon is the use of predatory bacteria to kill the superbugs to clear out lethal infection having super bugs. During the trial against a common cause of food poisoning, it has been observed that it has increasing survival rateup to 60 % and the predatory bacterium worked best in conjunction with...
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This is great! We are doing something about the looming threat of superbug infections. Thank you for sharing this glimmer of hope for us, Madhubabu kaaja . It seems like predatory bacteria can eradicate superbugs effective like living antibiotics. The question now is how are they going to administer it? Will it be through the oral route like bacillus clausii. Will it be injected intravenously or like a vaccine? Th...
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The idea of a biologic predator has been introduced since the 1960's. I first read about this when I read the book, "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson. As an environmentalist, she was against the use of chemical pesticides, which were popular since then. One of her solutions to stop the use of such is to introduce biologic predators to achieve pest control. I am happy to read that research on its application in the antimicrobial industry have progressed. Aside from its clinical bene...
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