The battle to eradicate malaria continues

The battle to eradicate malaria continues

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First recorded way in 2700 BC in China, malaria remains a disease battled by mankind today, with many hits and misses in the efforts to eradicate the disease.
30 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV are neglected diseases in tropical region. Can you imagine it causing death in more than 1 million per year worldwide and 3000 dyeing in Africa per day. We are now in better position available with drugs but resistance to these drugs needs to develop new drugs. Blocking the transmission is important with health and hygiene education and preventive maintenance. Than...
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From the medical standpoint, I think that the global burden for malaria is similar to that of the healthcare burden for tuberculosis. Both illnesses have been intensively studied and researched. Standard protocol for treatment is available and a lot of efforts have been made to make such available. For resistant strains, alternative treatments are also being offered. Despite the availability of such, both illnesses are still a public health problem. I think that people should be educated regardi...
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