Healthcare professionals: Tips on supporting a struggling colleague

Healthcare professionals: Tips on supporting a struggling colleague

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Working in the healthcare sphere exposes one to all sorts of challenges and expectations, whether they are work-related or not. At times, healthcare professionals around you may find this situation overwhelming and devastating - so what can you to help these colleagues?
1 Dec 2016 - General
These are great advice. It is not uncommon that we find colleagues that are in the middle of trouble, whether it is a professional or personal dilemma. Regardless, we have to find a way to support them. The advice detailed in this article will be good for friends and family. I agree with not trivializing the matter, people have the tendency to do this in an effort to make things seem light, but it doesn't help--especially if it is serious. Also checking your sincerity and motive is good beca...
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Problems may arise anytime of the day in any situation for each and everyone. These situation isn't only limited to healthcare professionals but also to everybody. As we go along our way, I've come to realize that the best solution to problems would always be trying to listen and figure out what was the main complain and problem all about. A colleague who's currently struggling needs someone to listen to their thoughts and sentiments. By this, they will never feel like they're ba...
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Dear Mahmoud, thanking you for sharing how our college help us and how we can help out colleagues. We should able to identify people who are struggling in their work like over load, bossism, healthcare problems. Some humans can't express their feelings and problems and identify their back ground for problem if we unable to identify means we should ask our colleague about reason. We can take other colleagues help to escalate problem to higher professional or to management. We should be an act...
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