4 must-have pharmacy and pharmacology resources

4 must-have pharmacy and pharmacology resources

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In the field of pharmacy and pharmacology, memorising numerous terms can be a daunting task. Therefore, it is always  tremendously helpful to have resources that let you obtain information quickly and easily when you need it.
1 Dec 2016 - General
In this era of E-health and M-health, the technological products help to make the work easy, fast and effective. Mahmoud AbdelAziz The drug reference application by MIMS is surely a boon for the pharmacists and the doctors. These apps and websites remove the stress of memorising so much stuff. Moreover, the one by MIMS has a great user-interface, has diverse, detailed information about drugs. Not only will these ...
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Pharmacy resources are a must-have for every healthcare professional. It can help check adverse reactions, pregnancy category, and drug-drug interactions when prescribing medications to patients who have multiple co-morbidities. The references discussed are very helpful as quick references. I personally prefer MIMS because I have been using the hard copy version before the advent of apps. I remember that each ward in our hospitals have a hard copy on stand-by during my junior and senior internsh...
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Thanking you for sharing a useful pharmacy and pharmacology resources useful for all healthcare professionals. Being a research scientist I refer several regulatory information which is more authentic. I prefer MIMS and for referring basic pharmacology, therapeutic applications more over I can get price of drug product also. But today MIMS aggressively improving in community, news, clinical research all healthcare fields. MIMS providing careers portal also. MIMS expanding to become no....
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