Pharmacists in Singapore and Malaysia: Why it is important for you to know about common traditional medication

Pharmacists in Singapore and Malaysia: Why it is important for you to know about common traditional medication

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Any medication – conventional or alternative, can potentially have side effects. There is therefore a need for pharmacists to continuously check the most recent literature for reported herb-drug interactions.
1 Dec 2016 - General
This article brings forth important points to be considered. But I believe that the practice of traditional medication should not be just confined to Pharmacists in Singapore and Malaysia. Doctors should learn the information as well as they are the ones who provide the medication orders in the first place. It should also not be confined to Singapore and Malaysia as well. This is because traditional medication is widespread. It occurs not just in Asian cultures, but also in African, Western and ...
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With the advance of internet commerce and international shipping, I have seen unknown herbs being shipped from other parts of the world. While plant leaves and roots maybe subjected to quarantined by our enforcement agencies, those that has been grounded and processed into tablet and capsule form falls under pharmaceutical/supplement control.
We are not so much worried about herbs per se as we can look up the information in many established texts and drug information service.
However th...
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Tahira Nawaz Thank you for sharing this very important topic. Healthcare professionals have to be aware of the potential herb-drug interactions to protect the patients from adverse effects. One good example of a herbal supplement that can have drug interactions is turmeric. Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that also has anticoagulant properties. Taking this medication with anticogaulants will increase...
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Tahira Nawaz I believe that pharmacists should definitely know what they are dispensing, whether alopathic medicine, homeopathy or other traditional natural regimens. Conventional natural remedies are used by people for relief at home and every doctor and pharmacist should have an idea of their local traditions. In India, many people have habit of taking turmeric or even ginger or garlic juice when suffering from...
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