PhilHealth unveils package for preterm babies

PhilHealth unveils package for preterm babies

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PhilHealth-member mothers who gave birth to preterm babies may now avail of packages offered by the state health insurer to guarantee continuation of healthcare against the leading cause of infant death worldwide.
2 Dec 2016 - General
Awwww... this is nice. My assistant just gave birth (thankfully, it was a normal birth). Armed with her Philhealth and SSS, she was confident about getting the care she deserved and it was a comfortable one for her. As an employer, I am grateful because these benefits are the only proper support I can give her. This is a good addition to the maternity benefits because not all births are normal---and a lot of mothers deal with preterm births, so this is a real breakthrough. Little by little, righ...
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Props to the current administration for approving this new health regulation. In the Philippines, so many newborns die every year because of the complications of preterm birth.I think that a lot of Filipino families will be able to benefit from this new provisions of Philhealth and the best part about it is, new lives will also be saved. I hope that the government will also consider providing packages for prenatal care such as free ultrasound and medicines for the mother because preventing prete...
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As the year goes to end, the health sectors under the local government has still a lot to be spilled out in their banks. A lot of newly unveiled programs has been ongoing everywhere else. As being said, prematurity is just one of the many leading cause of death in infant population. If this will be given to those who are really in need of support, moratilty rates will be lessened sooner or later. However as being stated in the article, it will be soon be available to certain tertiary hospitals o...
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