Cyber security: Why should healthcare professionals care?

Cyber security: Why should healthcare professionals care?

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Increasingly, cyber attacks are targeting healthcare organisations as they carry sensitive, private, and therefore valuable, patient information. Being vulnerable to cyber security threats could result in severe consequences for all the stakeholders involved.
2 Dec 2016 - General
In this era of Health IT is important to take care of cyber security. Everyday in the news, there are incidences reported about the hacking of the healthcare system of the reputable multispeciality hospitals. Everything is going on the cloud and so c...
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Maintaining your files and documents secured at all times are just one of the goals of each and everyone. Viruses and professional hackers has gone everwhere. It is a must to be sure about the websites you are trying to enter and those spam messages ...
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Our safety and security has always been compromised, and the speed and ease at which information is disseminated and manipulated. I have different tales of small-time threats, but since I have already put myself out there, I know that it's really...
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With digitalization of healthcare services comes the threat of cyber attacks. Hackers can reach very sensitive data that may include bank accounts, national security numbers and other priceless information. It is necessary to be vigilant against such...
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