6 misconceptions of male nurses that need to be busted

6 misconceptions of male nurses that need to be busted

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Many people tend to picture a woman when they think ‘nurse’, even though more and more men are entering the field of nursing. Here are some misconceptions people have about male nurses.
2 Dec 2016 - General
Well those are pretty awful misconceptions. The failed doctors and are actually perverts are definitely the worst and are ones I fortunately don't hear too often. The gay and effiminate comments I have heard more but I don't agree with them at all. I like a good balance of male or female or third sex nurses in the hospital. They all work equally for me except at times a strong male nurse comes in handy when I need help with some procedures that require manly powers as I would call it. Th...
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Yoshiya Yamada, a doctor for nearly 20 years in Tokyo, knew he wanted to help people ever since he was a child, but was disappointed that he could not find an organised nursing school or program for males, "so I became a doctor instead." He would eventually graduate from Samuel Merritt University’s nursing programme and pursued his original dream of nursing.

Wow, this is very encouraging. Someone who would not give up on his dream and work hard for it despite already at a high...
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