Why taking selfies with sick patients is a no-no

Why taking selfies with sick patients is a no-no

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Taking selfies with sick patients could be a breach of the patient’s privacy and a criminal offence. Medical practitioners could face serious consequences from posting these selfies online.
2 Dec 2016 - General
Yes, i believe taking a selfie with any patients is not appropriate. Actually, i had known an incident from another hospital where folks encouraged nurses to have a photo together with their mother who is to be discharged. The folks are just thankful and happy with the services offered by the hospital. However, the board member seen the photo posted by the patient and all nurses in the picture was called their attention. I don't actually know what happen to those nurses, however the folks wh...
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It seems an unprofessional way of working for a healthcare professional. The very thought of it seems to be weird for me. As a doctor, we are liable for confidentiality of the patient's disease in every way and this act may breach that important criteria. I agree with Mark Edmon Tan that doctors mostly take selfies with media personalities or other famous people. However, posting the selfie with the patient i...
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I don't ever take selfies with my patients---patients ask to take selfies with me, that's the only time, but I never request it. Even if my patient is a celebrity. When my sisters are here, that's when I force them to take photos as my patients. I think it should be automatic for any professional to value people's privacy. It's a different thing when the patient asks a selfie on the chair or a picture with you--and then they tag you on social media after. I repost those photo...
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Privacy has been always on our top priority in everything that we do. Not just in healthcare setting but almost in all aspects. These selfies may have been taken without prior knowledge of the patient themselves and or they have invaded the privacy of the sick patients. Just like what have been mentioned taking selfie while a woman is having her labor. That is a great insult and disrespect to the woman who is in a state of anxiety, pain and a height of mixed of emotions. These insensitive people...
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