MOH Malaysia to improve overcrowding at public clinics

MOH Malaysia to improve overcrowding at public clinics

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The Malaysian Health Minister has announced plans to upgrade clinics and introduce new services that will help accommodate the surge in patients and reduce congestion and public health facilities.
2 Dec 2016 - General
I am thankful to Tahira Nawaz , Madhubabu kaaja and Mark Edmon Tan for your optimistic comments and I hope to witness more improvements from the Malaysian Ministry of Health in the future especially building new hospitals to meet the urging need fo...
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I agree with Madhubabu kaaja that Malaysian healthcare is making huge strides. The Ministry of Health is coming up with ideas that can potentially decongest the long queues. Making appointment by short message sending is great for dispensing medications without having to make patients wait for hours. The health ministry is also looking at catering services to suburban areas to make healthcare accessible for everyo...
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