Police raid clinics, arrest doctor suspected to be involved in baby trafficking

Police raid clinics, arrest doctor suspected to be involved in baby trafficking

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The police have arrested two individuals suspected to be involved in "Ops Baby", an operation initiated due to an investigative report by Al Jazeera last week that showed the current situation of baby trafficking in Malaysia.
2 Dec 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz i can't believe that such a crime could be done by a doctor who is actually spent most of his life studying how to help human and treat them to get their health back.
Parents shouldn't, under any circumstances, stay calm or ignore the missing of their child, also the government should keep an eye on any suspected source of baby trafficking and if exists, a strict punishment should be...
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@Datuk Dr. Hisham .... its sad when the culprit involved has high contacts ,..she has been stripped of her Dr .
She had 2 refugee kids now only 1 .
She is a thyroid case .
She was supposed to take care of my 4 kids ( 3 indian boys + 1 malay. ).
On 2nd day i cancelled my trip n wanted to visit my children n she told me like slap on the face .....
I canot see them bcos she found adoptive parents for the kids !
I lodged police reports .
The johor born kids .
Case h...
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I am feeling happy to see involvement of UNICEF in this case, so I am expecting a seriousness over world to minimise this situations. I hope everybody should fear for doing any illegal activities. I have seen documentary previously when issue was revealed to public. People not only healthcare professionals and public who are involved in this scam should be punishes and more laws and vigilance required to control. In India last week I have seen people who are smuggling new born babie s in shipper...
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this critical issue. As horrible as it seems, it is even more shocking when you watch the 25 minutes’ video. The whole case has been dealt with as mere animalistic industry. It is majorly related to sex outside wedlock and the thriving prostitution industry. There is a scene even where a pimp is offering a client the chance to choose a prostitute to be impregnated for few thousands of dollars. I am sure it is also problem in many other Asian countries such ...
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Different crimes has been surging almost everywhere globally. But hearing about baby trafficking is simply unforgivable! Healthcare professionals are meant to help and aid people and not to destroy our image as professional beings. Can these people not even think more about the act they are doing? Can they just even imagine to sell their own babies for the sake of money? Really unforgivable that I my inner conscience wanted to scream for them! This should be put into serious action and for those...
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Baby trafficking is a serious offence and the government has to take the rightful action to punish the people involved in such crimes and also to take steps that eliminate the incidences of such events. When a doctor or healthcare professional is invloved in such crime, then it becomes a more serious offence. I hope the investigation is soon completed and the guilty is punished. Mahmoud AbdelAziz Thanks for shari...
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It is a necessary action that was delayed over the past few years. Human trafficking and baby selling in particular has been known to the public here in Malaysia but no one could prove it with evidence. The documentary produced by Al Jazeera English has revealed like never before how these criminals work and how they are infiltrating the governmental system to cover up their crimes and issue the fake certificates. I would recommend everyone on this community to watch this documentary. It is real...
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