Is medical malpractice on the rise?

Is medical malpractice on the rise?

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Medical malpractice or negligence can be defined as a failure to follow standards of care that are acceptable by medical professionals, resulting in injury, damage or loss. In recent times, allegations of malpractice seem to be on the rise globally.
2 Dec 2016 - General
Medical malpractice is raised and is in still darkness that no body knows who is fake and who is right. Public should aware first to minimise the incidence and should not consult fake doctors and where ever applicable should inform to government or regulatory body immediately. As Mark Edmon Tan told, further strengthen medical lawsuit required and implementation should done efficiently like developed countries a...
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The only statistics we have is that medical malpractice litigation cases are on the increase, whether the amount of medical malpractice that is occurring is unknown. The current increases can be attributed to the reduced degree of respect that we are having from the public as well as the publicizing of the potential benefits that that patients can obtain from pursuing cases. But all these points are not that important, what is important is that clinicians are mindful of the cases which are curre...
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This is an alarming article wherein cases of malpractice are on the rise. As what we can find in the article, it is due to the unclear orders and miscommunication between the patient-doctors-nurse or the healthcare team with the patients and not about the decrease in the quality. People nowadays are very legally oriented about their rights and needs as a patient. Medical insurance for malpractice for me is somewhat assuring yourself of having an insurance incase you commit malpractice in the fu...
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