Mom I Want to Be A Doctor, A Real Doctor

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2 Dec 2016 - General

So today one of my dentist friends (she just earned her license to practice in the US) had an interesting status on Facebook. It was a recount of a conversation she had with her daughter and it goes: 

Friend: What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Daughter: A doctor... a real doctor, not a dentist. 

Friend: Woooooooow... that hurt!:

A lot of our other dentist friends laughed and so did I--and let me be honest. When I was younger I discovered that after writing (and words) I was so in love with Science, especially Biology, so I've always pictured myself as a doctor. But when I was in St Paul, before we left for London, I was also very much into cheerleading (and track n field on the side) so I had too much going on. Basically, I never saw myself as a serious worker, so I thought Medicine might be too much for me. So I said, I'll JUST be a dentist.

Some people come to me with medical questions and I run to my MD bestfriend. When she encounters a dental patient, she calls me for consult. We all have different specialties, but I will agree that while we are REAL DOCTORS too, our knowledge is very much limited to the mouth so that statement (especially from a child) does not hurt me. 

How about people with PHD? Are they real doctors? HEHE. 


I agree with Jennifer Winter that medical doctors should be termed as physicians and then the word doctor be used as an umbrella term to avoid confusion. Even the definition of doctor is confusing as it is defined as a.) a physician b.) a person who holds a doctorate. Technicalities aside, dentists, veterinarians, and doctors of a degree are all doctors because they hold mastery of their chosen field. Honestly, I...
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haha to the PhD comment. I am reminded of Ross Gellar from Friends as he is not a "real doctor". I do hear it often that dentists are not doctors and I even know of someone who is a dentist who was considering becoming a medical doctor so that her status as a dentists is not seen as "just a dentist". Vets may feel the same as well. They are doctors too but they are not the "doctors". Maybe society needs to be introduced to the term physician in reference to medical ...
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