PH: Grim facts about HIV/AIDS

PH: Grim facts about HIV/AIDS

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As the Philippines joined the observance of World AIDS Day, it must grapple with grim facts: each day 26 people are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the country and that 80 percent of cases are those under the age of 35.
2 Dec 2016 - General
I have encountered several patients with HIV infection who are being referred for neurosurgical evaluation of CNS lesions. I noticed that most patients belong to the young age group (20-30's). A lot of them consult for the first time because they...
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Now this is very alarming being on the top 7 countries where HIV/AIDS is rampant and epidemic is something not to be proud about. We've got to top the list in the world but with AIDS. It is also dangerous that the age bracket of victims are below...
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