PH: Gov’t plans revival of ‘Botika ng Bayan’

PH: Gov’t plans revival of ‘Botika ng Bayan’

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Government-funded pharmacies called "Botika ng Bayan" will be revived soon following the turnover of PHP5 billion from the Philippine Gaming Corp. to the President's Social Fund. These pharmacies dispensing medicines at much cheaper prices are intended to serve marginalized Filipinos who have little to none set aside for healthcare needs.
3 Dec 2016 - General
Pagcor, by paying as Social benefit to the Government of the current President Duterte and at the same time, announce the application of this money to re-establish the abandoned Project "Botika ng Bayan" and also for the Drug Rehabilitation...
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I think its great news that the government wants to revive Botika ng Bayan. When it was first proposed, it was a great idea since it offered patients lower prices for medicines. Implementation over the past years, however, has not been very effective...
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It is indeed good news to the citizens of the Philippines if this program will be push through by the government. Even if it is for free or not, that is already a huge help to those who can't afford their medicines. We understand that Dutertes...
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This sounds truly a good news to each and every Filipino! Having free medications most especially to the poor is really a blessing to those who are in need! I am excited to have the revival of these botika nf barangay be started. I hope this shall be...
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