As Zimbabwean healthcare fails, people turn to “street medicine”

As Zimbabwean healthcare fails, people turn to “street medicine”

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The failing economy has forced some in this southern African country to turn to the growing number of peddlers of traditional medicines, for their medical ailments.
3 Dec 2016 - General
This is sad news. The decline of the healthcare trust of patients has driven them far away from hospitals and into the streets. It's sad. I mean, I see the DIY braces and the many illegally practicing dentists and I am pained at the thought that ...
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I don't have any formal idea about what is going on in Zimbabwe, about their economy, status and everything about healthcare. Never thought that they are this hopeless and much needed of health. I wonder why there will be people who'd still c...
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In Zimbabwe, Everything has collapsed following the collapse of its currency. Corruption is infesting almost every corner leading to wasting of resources and destruction of public economy in favour of the few ruling business men. A loaf of bread can ...
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