The rise of fake doctors due to the prestige of the white coat

The rise of fake doctors due to the prestige of the white coat

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Recently, a Florida teenager opened his own medical practice, complete with paid staff, and even performed physical examinations on patients. But how do such fakers get away with it, and why did they do it at all?
4 Dec 2016 - General
Really huh! Quack doctors nowadays outnumbered the real ones. Using that white coat gives everyone a notion that they are real doctors regardless who have approved them professionally. This is unbelievable that quack doctors still exist for a period of time without noticing from their patients that they are fake. If these fantasists wanted to save the lives of these poor patients then they are causing more harm into injury. Better be sure whom you are trying to seek advice with and always make s...
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Sad that these fantasists are more than willing to put lives in danger to satisfy their ego and craving. I remember being a young dentist and being scared to even perform oral prophylaxis on my first ever patient. When I attempted my first tooth filling, the same frighted feeling was there too. You eventually gain the confidence, but believe it or not, I still have to mentally prep for surgery and even root canals, because anything can go wrong. They are after the prestige of the DOCTOR title, t...
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That is true Tahira Nawaz. However, i guess even if we are living in urban areas we need to be keen and do some research about the medical registration of doctors. We should not be compliance with our surroundings because there are some opportunistic creature who uses other name just to gain money. It is still better to make sure that everything is legitimate. We should always put in mind that health is very impo...
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Tahira Nawaz we are seeing fake doctors who are doing their practise without a valid experience and education. As you said, we can ask for doctor his registration number again we can search in medicine council website for registration status also. We should take public opinion about his performance or qualification. In Asian countries, Who are having superficial knowledge on medicine/Pharma/Health care practising...
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