Singapore: Of sleep deprivation and disorders

Singapore: Of sleep deprivation and disorders

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Ever since a 2014 report ranked Singapore as the third most sleep-deprived city in the world, the nation has consistently remained as one of the top cities whose citizens record the least amount of average sleeping hours.  A study by Duke-NUS Medical School revealed that 80% of students from top secondary schools and junior college do not get enough sleep, with over half of the participants reporting that they slept less than six hours a night.
4 Dec 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz sleeping in my opinion is the charger for our body and mind to work perfectly and sleep deprivation is for sure has many harmful effects on us.
As mentioned the causes of sleep deprivation in anyone's life should be managed and treated.
If you do regular daily exercises and don't drink caffeine drinks at least 3 hours before sleeping time and take a small meal dinner, you will ha...
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