Multivitamins: Should You Take One?

Multivitamins: Should You Take One?

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Daily vitamins can ensure that you get all the nutrients your body needs to function. Learn how to choose the right multivitamin at
4 Dec 2016 - General
Yes right, as they say we are what we eat. So the daily nutrients that our body needed is already present in the food we eat. However provided that nowadays we can never ensure the quality of the food we eat except for home prepared food. Most of them are fully packed of preservatives which tends to lose its own nutrients or shall I say contains lesser than what we think. Multivitamins will only be there to supplement whatever lacking vitamins and nutrients we haven't get from the food that ...
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Wow. I am glad and thankful for the inputs made by Madhubabu kaaja and Theekshana Abayawickrama. In my point of view, Tahira Nawaz there is nothing wrong if one is taking multivitamins especially to those who have a busy schedule. C'mon! Lets fa...
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