Doctorpreneur: Where healthcare and entrepreneurship meet

Doctorpreneur: Where healthcare and entrepreneurship meet

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A doctorpreneur, also known as a healthcare entrepreneur, is a recently-coined term that describes health professionals who have ventured into the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.
5 Dec 2016 - General
Doctorpreneurs has been emerging almost everywhere. Staying and working in you profession plus having a business mentality along the way just makes your life a little bit more competitive among the others. Multitasking isn't that easy but I bet that these people who jump into this is really enjoying what they are doing. Gaining more independence financially is also a good thing. Some may do formal schooling just to be an enterpreneur and some may also not if they are already born from famili...
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In my time, I had a few classmates who were sent to Dentistry school not to be a dentist. They are sons and daughters of dental suppliers--and they were sent to school so that they would know the industry in and out, so they can sell with expertise. I also have friends who double as dentists and entrepreneurs--managing their private practices and a business, on the side. Some businesses are dental/medical related, but some are not at all. In fact, I have one friend who owns a bar and another who...
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Doctorpreneurs are gaining a good ground in Malaysia and Singapore. They privileged to be free of the confinement of their routine workload and seek out other sources of income outside of their typical clinical practice besides having a positive impact on the healthcare system as a whole. The road to be a Doctorpreneur is different for everyone and occurs at different stages of life. Some doctorpreneurs seek to get formal business education while others will pursue an entrepreneurial venture wit...
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