Australian school children reproduce overpriced drug for $2

Australian school children reproduce overpriced drug for $2

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In a bid to prove that the price hike of pharmaceutical drug Daraprim was irrational, a group of Year 11 students successfully replicated the drug in their school laboratory at a meagre cost.
5 Dec 2016 - General
Just playing devil’s advocate, I think its definitely possible to decrease the prices of medication. But we should be mindful of the costs of doing so. Any move done would largely be a populist move. In the short term, it would decrease the prices which are paid, but in the long term, it could stagnate innovation. I think a good approach could be to provide drug vouchers for the low income patients who really need the medication. This would still allow those who can pay for the medication at ful...
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This is absolutely wonderful news to read. The group of students that replicated the $750 drug for only $2 have proved how pharmaceutical companies make insane profits. Same drug from $750 to only $2 .. unbelievable !! Medical drug industry is already the biggest in the world, even bigger than international illegal drugs market, firearm markets and sex trade. There is an urging need to decrease the drugs prices in the sake of improving millions of people health rather than making huge profits ou...
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